Welcome neighbors! Our mission is to make gardening resources and expertise accessible to everyone in the Municipality of Anchorage regardless of income or home ownership status; and to connect individuals and their skills into a network for the purpose of building social capital through gardening.

To achieve this mission, a dedicated team of garden coaches across each of Anchorage’s 37 community council areas are volunteering their time to mentor anyone who wants to garden. Neighborhood coaches support their neighbors with garden design and troubleshooting assistance, access to physical resources (seeds, nursery pots, compost, etc) and connections to a broader community of people working to improve local food security. Additionally, pop up classes, demonstration gardens, seed libraries and coordinated upcycling campaigns are underway to reduce, reuse and repurpose inputs across our local food system.

Visit our public Facebook Page and follow the links below to find out how to get involved, support our work, or just read about what we’ve been up to.