Below you will find some basic “how-to” resources for GARDENERS. Additional resources for Coaches and Core Team members can be found on the COACH tab, above.

For building resources, see: Stockpiles for 2022.

Resources currently available:

Infographics and flyers


Recorded Workshops and “How To” Videos are available on our YouTube Channel and below.

Beginning your garden with Anchor Gardens – Dohnn Wood (2020)
Urban Foraging – Kristi Wood (2020)

Our friends and partners at Yarducopia also have some fantastic 1-2 minute beginner gardening videos called Row by Row including the following topics: pest control, mulching, fertilizing, weeding, seeding, pollinating, thinning, harvesting and composting.

Our friends and partners at Seeds of Change also have a YouTube channel with the following brief tutorials: how to direct seed, how to plant seed potatoes, how to thin carrots, how to harvest kale, hardening off plants, and lasagna beds.


Because we all have those “ack! what happened!” and “hummmm…. WHAT is that, and should I be worried about it?” moments, this is a friendly reminder that as a part of this network, you have others you can ask – reach out to your neighborhood coach or other garden mentors! Or, if you’re on facebook and especially if you think this might be a questions lots of others might have to, please post about it on the Anchor Gardens Facebook Group!

Other resources we recommend