Stockpiles & Building Materials

Sharing Resources 

Our network of gardeners work together to collect and share materials that are useful for gardeners. These materials, such as scrap lumber or compostable materials would have likely ended up in a landfill, but can be used to build a healthy garden. 

We make these resources available to everyone for a donation. The donations will allow us to continue to gather and distribute these resources for the future. If you are experiencing a financial hardship then the materials are free.


Materials and locations vary throughout the year, please see updates below.

Happy gardening!!!


Stockpile locations are closed for winter, and will reopen in spring 2023.

  • I Street Stockpiles open Sunday 10/9

    I ST Community Garden Stockpiles open this Sunday (Oct 9th) 1-3pm. Resources available include composted horse manure, topsoil, mushroom substrate, and bagged leaves. We are limiting the quantity of manure and topsoil to 55 gal each. Donations are greatly appreciated but not mandatory. All donations help us to further our mission of building food security […]

    Full schedule for the week

  • I Street open Oct 2

    I St Stockpiles will be open Sunday Oct 2nd 1-3pm. Resources include composted manure, topsoil, mushroom substrate, bagged leaves, and wood chips. Fred will be there with some of his organic tomatoes. Feel free to ask him any questions about how to grow hundreds of lbs of tomatoes! Donations are always welcome but not mandatory. […]

    Full schedule for the week