Welcome Coaches,

This page contains organizational resources and information for coaches. If you have ideas about other resources for coaches, please join a Core Team meeting or share your ideas at the next Coaches Gathering (see calendar for the most up to date meeting times).

Coaches Gatherings: for the 2021 growing season, Coaches Gatherings will happen every TBD evening from 6-8:00pm via zoom. This is your opportunity to hear the latest news from across Anchorage, share successes and challenges in your own neighborhood and learn new skills from your fellow coaches!

Major Material Distribution Sites: for the 2021 growing season, the following sites will provide materials for more than one Community Council Area. Additional minor or local distribution sites likely exist in many neighborhoods and will be shared within coaches huddles or other small group communications.

* I-Street Community Garden: on the NW corner of 14th Ave and I Street, just South of New Sagaya City Market. Pick up/Drop off time: Sundays 1-4pm.

* North-East Anchorage: Ivy and Jason’s House on Turpin Street. Pick up/Drop off times: Saturday 10-1, Tuesday 4-7pm, call 907-654-7325 for directions of if you don’t see me!

* Boyers Orchard: 645 E 81st Ave, in South Anchorage. Pick up/Drop off times:

* Eagle River: Kate’s house at 15443 Husky Street, Eagle River Pick up/Drop off times: 11-2 Sundays beginning soon.

Additionally, Spenard Farmers Market will host an Anchor Gardens booth, each Saturday beginning in May. Coaches can stop to pick up promotional stickers and signage to distribute in your neighborhood.

Click here to share and read other’s ideas for coaches to connect with neighbors

Garden Methods: in addition to the “how to” resources compiled for gardeners on the Resources page, a more detailed Zoom presentation by Michele Wilbur on “How to build a Lasagna garden” is provided here for coaches. If you are not familiar with this method of garden bed establishment, please watch this video by clicking the link and entering the access code “6T^T09$2” when prompted.

Don’t forge to encourage gardeners to Plant a Row for the Hungry!
See handout on resources page.