Learn How to Design a Garden in Harmony with Nature

Date and Time:
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

This workshop is an opportunity to learn how to design a garden with the intelligent input of nature. What could be possible if you consulted with it, the land, plants, trees, locale? Working in harmony with nature can help overcome many obstacles in the design process and even deepen your joy of connecting with your plants, insects, soil, and nature. This technique can be applicable to new and existing gardens, even a planter or window sill garden.

In this course we will work with an actual property to develop a garden design. We will practice techniques of asking questions & receiving input from nature to determine the design. What kind of nature space does your land desire to be? What does it desire to contribute to you & the planet? What possibilities might nature show you if you became aware of it’s intelligence and incorporated that in your garden design? This will be a fun and interactive workshop. Kids 12 and over are welcome!

Please bring an offering for the land, a flower, crystal, song, something meaningful to you. This is an outdoor event. Please dress for the weather and bring a camp chair.

Located at 7521 Solarset Circle, Anchorage.

There are limited spots available. Please RSVP to Elisabeth Holmgren 907-274-4242

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